The View Askewniverse

Tonight I decided to watch Chasing Amy (again, thank you Netflix).


I’m a Kevin Smith fan – most people are, aren’t they? I love Mallrats, Clerks and Dogma, I even have a soft spot for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back – mainly for THAT Mark Hamill cameo.

However, I’d never seen Chasing Amy all the way through. Sure, I’d seen some of the ‘famous’ bits – the Star Wars speech for example but I had never sat down and watched it from start to finish.

I know a lot of people like this film for Ben Affleck. I have a lot of beef with Ben. I find him quite unlikeable. I prefer Matt Damon (Matt Damon) who I find funnier. Maybe it is just a comedy thing. I like funny. I also prefer Ben when he’s with Matt (Matt Damon). I’m not looking forward to Ben as the Dark Knight, but then I didn’t like the Nolan trilogy so I don’t have high expectations to start with. Give me Will Arnett any day, babe.


I only work in black, and sometimes very, very dark grey.

Anyway, I digress. I enjoyed Chasing Amy in that I liked the script, the pacing and the characters but not as much as other Kevin Smith films. It was a good film, but can’t live up to Mallrats. Maybe because I saw Mallrats first and have seen it many, many times (look, a sailboat).

I disliked Ben Affleck’s character. He was needy, annoying and had terrible facial hair – not what I want from a lead. I’ve stopped watching films part way through for less!

Undoubtedly the best part of the film (in my opinion) were Jay and Silent Bob. But then they are best when they’re bit parts, rather than the centre of the story. It’s a Bluntman and Chronic treat!

Maybe if Matt (Matt Damon) had been the lead I would have liked it more.


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