I’m serious, look, this is my serious face

Last night I rewatched Team America: World Police with two friends who had never seen it before. I warned them beforehand that they would never think of the musical Cats in the same way again and that there were some adult acts performed by puppets.


I remember being desperate to see this film when it first came out because my brother and I were big South Park fans but they didn’t show it at our local cinema, which was a massive disappointment.

I’m not sure how Trey Parker and Matt Stone are still alive, to tell the truth. The more politically correct our society gets, the worse this movie seems. It’s still hilarious and ridiculous but I’m not sure whether I would want to be involved in the making of anything similar!

I love Parker and Stone’s analysis of society though, especially how they show Americans just going in places and smashing things up in the name of freedom. There’s also loads of random Star Wars references in there for the geek in all of us – you don’t need to see my credentials.

I could go all deep and philosophical about this movie but I won’t, because at the end of the day it’s four action heroes, an actor (that’s the best acting I’ve ever seen) and their boss with a hilarious chair. All played by puppets. There’s also some awesome panthers. Although the speech in the bar scene is pretty deep…

I like the songs in Team America (he’s way better than Ben Affleck now) but they can’t stand up to how perfect the songs are in the South Park Movie, which is more like a full-on musical.

I love the use of stupid one-liners to give the feel of a real action film and how the puppets only have a handful of facial expressions so they look deadpan when they’re telling each other they love them or treasure their friendship.

I guess all I really have to say about this film is…


Matt Damon.


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