Shaken or stirred?

Tonight I re-watched Casino Royale (the Daniel Craig version, not the terrifying David Niven version that I once watched by accident in the middle of the night). This is the first of Daniel Craig’s outings as 007 and boy is it a good film!


Casino Royale sort of plays out as a bit of a James Bond origin story, trying to explain where some of his angst comes from – particularly his mistrust of women which is made to come across as being hurt rather than just being sexist. Actually, there are some attempts to address the sexism in Bond in Casino Royale, for example, at one point a woman rides a horse along a beach wearing a bikini and, just for equality, Bond then emerges from the sea in those blue shorts!

The supporting cast is excellent. Mads Mikkelson plays baddie Le Chiffre, Eva Green plays the mysterious Vesper and Judi Dench returns as M.

The look and feel of Casino Royale is so slick and stylish. There are flash cars, parkour and a spectacular action scene in a sinking house in Venice. In particular I like this dress…


I would literally look ridiculous in it being hobbit-sized, but it’s just so classy!

Daniel Craig has a very wry sense of humour and smirking style. He pouts a lot, even when trying to use a defibrillator on himself (impossible) or the scene with the chair (ouch).

My only criticism is that there is a lot of poker-playing in this film and, as someone who has no idea how to play poker, I find this very dull. I also find these bits hard to follow as I don’t understand who is winning or losing. Does someone want to teach me to play? I’m not sure I have a great poker face though.


A great chunk of the film looks like this.

There’s a lot to love about this film, even the theme song is great although it seems to have been largely lost because of the popularity of Skyfall. Another great intro to Bond if you’re not sure that you’re a Bond fan.

Bond’s best quip in this film comes in response to the question ‘shaken or stirred?’ listen out for it, classic James. All he wants is a cheeky Martini. 


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