The build up to Halloween

As a fan of horror films I’m a big fan of Halloween. I’m actually just a fan of Autumn in general – I like the darker nights and colder weather. I get it. I’m the anomaly.

As a build up to the night itself I decided to watch The Purge (Netflix). This is a film I saw the trailer for before its release and thought ‘that looks good’ and never got round to watching it. The people of Netflix gave it 2 stars, I think this is a bit harsh. It wasn’t the best horror film I’ve ever watched but I’ve seen many (and I mean MANY) that have been much worse.


The basic plot is that for 12 hours every year between the hours of 7pm and 7am the US government stops the emergency services and allows all crime (as the opening spiel says – even murder, well, duh, murder is a crime).

Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey play husband and wife with two children. Hawke’s character sells security systems which, for some reason, makes his neighbours hate him.

As with any horror film, it takes a while to get going. There’s a boring storyline with the daughter’s boyfriend and then the son lets in someone off the street. Then these guys show up:



I won’t say anymore because the fun of any horror film is being shocked and not knowing what will happen next.

If you like slasher/suspense horror films then give it a go. I can guarantee that you will have sat through much worse films on the quest to find the perfect horror film!


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