Lazy Sunday

Today I had a lazy Sunday watching films. I have the cold germs that are going round so I’ve pretty much just spent the entire weekend resting and I’ve also started watching Orange is the New Black, now that the hype’s died down a bit (I’m mostly enjoying it. Mostly.)

The first film I watched today was the 1980s-tastic Mannequin (it was on Channel 5)  starring Kim Cattrall as an Egyptian princess reincarnated in a shop mannequin who comes to life for Andrew McCarthy who makes window displays. Ok, so typing that out makes the film sound totally ridiculous, which it is, but it’s also super good fun. I should add that I love camp 80s films and that I’ve seen this film many times.


If you think the 80s should be the decade that time forgot then this movie isn’t for you. But if you love 80’s music, 80’s clothes, slapstick comedy and can get over the creepiness of the plot, you should give it a go.

The film also features James Spader doing his creepy James Spader act.


It’s just like Pretty in Pink but one of the characters is a mannequin. Again, just typing that makes it sound ridiculous but it’s all good fun.

The next film I watched was straight after on Channel 5. It was Did You Hear About the Morgans? starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant.


This film was so terrible that I physically couldn’t watch it to the end. It was so utterly stupid and the characters were so dull that I could feel my braincells crying in pain.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant are a recently separated couple who witness a murder and have to go into witness protection. It’s all very boring, Sarah Jessica Parker is super broody, Hugh Grant is still in love with her. I honestly do not care what happened in the end. How do films like this even get made?

Hilariously, Channel 5 followed Sarah Jessica Parker with Seabiscuit, but I didn’t watch it.

Instead, my brother tried to convince me that Adam Sandler is funny (he’s not) and we watched Happy Gilmore on Netflix.


I really dislike Adam Sandler. I don’t know how he continues to make movies and why people pay to go and see them?! I think the only film of his I like is The Wedding Singer (maybe because I like the 80s!)

Apart from Adam Sandler, who was awful, this film was pretty funny. I understand why it’s a cult classic. It follows Sandler’s character go from ice hockey player to golf pro. The rest of the cast was hilarious and the script was brilliant – Grizzly Adams DOES have a beard.

Carl Weathers plays golf coach Chubbs with a fake hand after an alligator bit his off. Christopher McDonald plays nemesis Shooter McGavin. Ben Stiller plays a sadistic nursing home worker and Richard Kiel (Jaws from Bond) plays Sandler’s former boss.

It felt a lot like Kingpin, but with golf and to be honest I probably prefer Kingpin. I didn’t hate it as much as I expected to. Pretty high praise from me for Mr Sandler.

I leave you with a picture of Carl Weathers and his wooden hand…



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