What’s your favourite scary movie?

Tonight my friend and I had a crazy Saturday night – we stayed in, knitted and watched movies. Wild, I know.

First off we watched Scream. Now, Scream is an absolute favourite of mine. See here for all my top films. It’s like a standard 90s teen movie but lots of people die instead of falling in love.


Scream was a game changer in the world of horror. It kick-started a new wave of slasher films. It’s a classic Wes Craven film and has sneaky hints to his other movies (like the janitor’s clothes!)

The script is brilliant. Just as Randy reels off all the horror movie tropes, each member of the ‘gang’ is a stereotype. A theme that would be played on in Joss Whedon’s uber meta Cabin in the Woods.


The whole gang, look at those 90s fashions!

The rest of the Scream franchise is ok. The sequel is pretty good (if you’re reading this I’m probably dead), the third film isn’t very good but has some good moments and the fourth was enjoyable but not memorable. I’m currently watching the Netflix tv series which I’m liking when I’m watching but I’m not motivated to keep watching.

Scream is a rarity in the world of horror movies, it can be watched over and over. What I did reflect on after was that Scream is a bit of a pastiche. It’s funny and it finds itself funny. Scary Movie, whilst a good comedy, tried too hard to make fun of a film that was already making fun of itself.

Next we watched 22 Jump Street, which I had also seen before.


I loved 21 Jump Street. It’s one of those films that goes by really quickly when you’re watching it because it’s so slick, there isn’t a scene that isn’t funny.

22 Jump Street, whilst funny, seems like a loosely connected series of comedy sketches rather than a film with a compelling plot.

My favourite scene is the tripping scene…


You’re literally dragging me down.

Like with Scream, 22 Jump Street constantly makes fun of itself and doesn’t even try to hide it but it says something when one of the funniest scenes in the entire film is the end credits.

There isn’t really much of a plot, it just seems to be Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum improvising through the same plot as the first film but I guess that’s the entire point.

I guess all I can say is – my name is Jeff.


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