You’re my boy, Blue

Last night I watched Jurassic World with my dad (who, it turns out, is full of random dinosaur facts!) I had avoided seeing this film at the cinema because I was scared of being bitterly disappointed as I love the original so much. (see post here). Was it as good as the original? No, not even close. Was it an enjoyable film? Yes, if entirely predictable.


The basic premise is that a dinosaur zoo called Jurassic World has opened on the old Jurassic Park island. Business is booming but every few years they have to install a new attraction so that people will get excited. They’ve created a hybrid dinosaur called Indominus Rex out of a T-rex and ‘something top secret and classified’ (although as soon as you see its claws and learn that it’s intelligent it’s pretty obvious what the other is!)

The Indominus Rex escapes so they call in ex-military man Chris Pratt (who has been patiently training Velociraptors) to help.


I wonder if this works on dogs…

Then the chaos commences. Lots of people and dinosaurs get viciously killed. There’s the token woman running in heels, two kids in danger and plenty of shots of Chris Pratt looking manly.

As a lot of people have said, look out for the cameo of the man saving his drinks from the Pterodactyls. Only seconds long, but hilarious.

The only thing I will say is that the dinosaurs felt like a step back in terms of graphics from the 90s original. Seriously. The 90’s dinosaurs looked more realistic, as far as any dinosaur can.

Better than Jurassic Park III and an easy film to watch but I’m not sure it will stand the test of time.


2 thoughts on “You’re my boy, Blue

  1. Play on movie lines from Old School? I have had the movie on my comp before it came out. The last scene i have watched a ton of times. There were 3 raptors left. One gets smashed into a wall and looks lifeless, one gets blown up a minute later and that leaves Blue. Twice a raptor is in the Indominus’s mouth and tossed twice. Seemingly again not alive. Then Blue comes running from a good 200 meters away as if she was just getting there. I have watched with others but it sure seemed like 4 died in the scene when there were 3 and Blue is left. Could have been bad angles too as the T Rex certainly looked half dead and 15 seconds later was aggressive. They are having another which seems interesting. The embryos are off site, perhaps there is some heir that goes after them and has Chris Pratt hunting them down or something like that. Being it would be implausible to have another theme park.


  2. its becoming a trilogy, there’s another 2 too come, I personally haven’t bothered with this one because I got bored form the original (yes that’s right, I don’t like Jurassic park, shoot me lol), but it will be interesting to see if all 3 will be popular as a whole or not.

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